ProtectMe - 21 COMIC
ProtectMe - 21 COMIC
ProtectMe - 21 COMIC
ProtectMe - 21 COMIC
ProtectMe - 21 COMIC
ProtectMe - 21 COMIC
ProtectMe - 21 COMIC
ProtectMe - 21 COMIC

ProtectMe - 21 COMIC


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ProtectMe - ANTIMICROBIAL Face mask

ProtectMe - your every day, antimicrobial and fashionable face mask made from the clinically proven and tested high-tech fibre Trevira Bioactive.

Bacteria and viruses can enter the body through the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. Leading virologists and the German Medical Association recommend protecting the mouth and nose to reduce the distribution of droplets through the air we breathe. 

Furthermore, studies show that every person touches their nose and mouth on average 300 times a day. Bacteria and viruses infect the surface of objects. It is therefore recommended to wash your hands often, as viruses and bacteria can also enter the body through smear infection via the mucous membranes.

ProtectMe not only covers a small part of the face like conventional face masks, whose fit is constantly being corrected, which leads to additional facial contact. ProtectMe is elastic and fits perfectly - One-SizeFits-All.

Wash instead of throwing away. Albstoffe stands for sustainability - also in the case of functional textiles. The ProtectMe-Loop never loses its antimicrobial effect because the silver ions are firmly anchored in the fibre. ProtectMe is easy to care for. Wash as often as you like at 90°C.

Important: The ProtectMe face mask does not correspond to the FFP-2/FFP-3 particle filtering half masks. ProtectME is suitable for everyday use and has two main benefits: Reduction of droplet distribution during talking/speaking/coughing and reduction of smear infections by "touching the face less". ProtectMe is neither personal protective equipment (PPE) nor a medical device


The ProtectMe face mask:

  • stylish face mask suitable for everyday use
  • reduces the distribution of droplets that occur when speaking, coughing and sneezing
  • reduces smear infections due to frequent "mouth and nose grasping
  • practical loop, which can be used universally as a comfortable multifunctional cloth One-Size-Fits-All. Due to the cleverly attached cord with stopper, the double-layer cloth fits perfectly
  • consists of the high-tech fibre Trevira-Bioactive 95% and elastane 5% This inhibits bacterial growth and odour development. Ökotex 100 product class 1 (baby, toddlers)
  • It is washable at 95 °C
  • 100% Made in Germany - from the fibre to the finished part
  • hygienic product and therefore excluded from exchange
  • not a medical device, not medically tested and not certified no personal protective equipment (PPE) - Albstoffe does not assume any product liability
  • System-critical equipment is supplied with priority
  • For larger quantities please contact
fibre/yarn contains a biocidal product. "Silver sodium zirconium hydrogenphosphate - CAS-# 265647-11-8" is contained in the fibre polymer = counteracts the colonisation and notation of microorganisms and the development of odours

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